Yun Nans (云海肴) opens latest outlet at Ion Orchard

The inviting space at Yun Nan’s fourth outlet seats up to 78 diners who would see a slew of new dishes in the menu, such as the refreshing pomelo salad with osmanthus dressing (桂花百合柚子沙拉; $10.90), the comforting braised fish maw with porcini mushroom (野生牛肝菌焖花胶; $42.80 for a small portion and $52.80 for a big portion) and the steamed cod with “Mei Cai” (梅菜蒸鳕鱼; $31.90) featuring specially-sourced preserved mustard greens that are produced in limited quantities in China’s Dabu county (大埔县).

Pomelo salad with osmanthus dressing
Braised fish maw with porcini mushroom

For its opening promotion, diners dining at Yun Nans Ion Orchard on June 9 or 10 get to enjoy 50 per cent off their total food bill.

Tel: 6513 0828

Steamed cod with “Mei Cai”