‘Tis the season for snacking

The new salted egg prawn roll from Irvins is going to set more tastebuds a-flutter with its combination of savouriness, spice and salted egg goodness in every bite. Available as a 180g pack at $12 across all 12 Irvins outlets islandwide and online, each crunchy roll is filled with hae bee hiam (spicy dried shrimp) and coated with salted yolk to make it dangerously addictive!

This new treat can also be configured as a gift box with four or five other Irvins snacks such as the Chicken Curry Potato Chips and Fish Head Curry Fish Skin as well as Salted Egg Potato Chips, Salted Egg Fish Skin, Salted Egg Cassava Chips and Salted Egg Gyoza Skin.