Tequila-Pairing Dinner

Alpine herbs take centre stage at this French bistro where chef Jérémy Gillon with a Michelin star background has at least 24 types of dried wild herbs at his disposal to be fried, candied or turned into syrups or vinegars, lending his dishes an additional dimension in taste and sensation. From his prized collection, which includes sapin (pine), serpolier (wild thyme) and verveine (family of mint), to name just a few, chef Gillon will be carefully selecting some to create a special five-course dinner menu ($128 per person) where each dish will be paired with a 15ml taster tequila shot from Código 1530’s range along with a cocktail concocted from that range.

Made in a little artisan family distillery in Amatitán, the centre of tequila production in Mexico, Código 1530’s story goes back through the centuries, beginning as El Tequila Privado (the private tequila) which is savoured among a privileged few families. On February 1, diners will have the opportunity to savour this tequila which is made from an age-old secret family recipe.

The appetisers of egg, sea urchin, radish and achillée (yarrow).

The experience kicks off with two appetisers — the first of which is a dish of egg, sea urchin, radish and achillée (yarrow) followed by a dish of scallops, celeriac and cassis. Both appetisers are matched with shots of the Blanco, Código 1530’s unrested tequila which has not been aged in a barrel. The Blanco is also used to concoct La Paloma, the cocktail that goes with the appetisers. This tequila expression should allow purists to fully appreciate the rich flavour of the agave.

Following the starters is the turbot with sweet potato, dried oyster and ortie (from the Urticaceae family) which pairs beautifully with the Rosa. This tequila has been rested for 1 month in uncharred Napa Cabernet French white oak barrels. The Basil Rosa Sour is to go with this fish dish.

The bright agave character of the Rosa finishes with soft floral Cabernet notes.

Next is the lamb with hay grass, rutabaga and anchovy paired with Código 1530 Reposado and Bee Sting cocktail made from this Código 1530 range that sees the tequila aged six months in the same type of barrels. Sharp taste buds will discover bright, sweet agave notes interspersed with vanilla, toasted caramel and cocoa.

Código 1530 Añejo, aged for 18 months in the Napa Cabernet French white oak barrels, is married with a dessert of avocado, vanilla, chocolate and kumquat. This expressive tequila also goes into the making of the Añejo Old Fashioned. Savouring the 15ml shot, diners will taste fruity notes mingled with oak, vanilla and a bit of spice.

WHEN 6.30pm, 1 February 2018 (Thursday)
WHERE Audace Bar & Restaurant, 2 Dickson Road, Wanderlust Hotel
TEL 6298 1188