Tanyu’s first late-night concept opens at Changi Airport

There’s nothing like a refreshing bowl of ice jelly after a fiery grilled fish meal! At Tanyu’s latest outlet at Jewel Changi Airport, fans of its grilled fish can dig into a self-service ice jelly bar (at $2.80 per person) to customise unlimited bowls of the dessert with their choice of 13 toppings, which include boba, osmanthus honey, peach gum, sweet rice wine, raisins, hawthorn slices, brown sugar mochi, peach jam and crushed peanuts.

The toppings change seasonally.

Sporting a sleek and modern look, this airport outlet opens till 3am daily – perfect for night owls or passengers embarking or disembarking from their late-night flights. Orders from 10pm onwards enjoy a 15% discount. Besides fixing their craves for Tanyu’s grilled fish dishes, they can also try four supper-exclusive dishes of pickled pepper bullfrog with clams ($53.90), spicy dry pot bullfrog with shrimp ($53.90), stir-fried peanuts with anchovies ($3.90) and spicy grilled chicken feet ($7.90).

Complement your grilled fish with these spicy grilled chicken feet!

This outlet also offers freshly tapped draught beers (from $9.80), such as Tiger and Heineken along with Archipelago Brewery’s Summer IPA and Singapore Blonde Ale, that are great to pair with spicy dishes.

Perfect with the spicy dishes are freshly tapped draught beers available exclusively at Tanyu Exclusive.