Raspberry Chocolate Snowskin Mooncakes

Recipe courtesy of executive chef Ben Zeng of Hai Tien Lo, Pan Pacific Singapore

Mooncake Skin Ingredients  
600g sugar
525g rice flour
450g snowskin powder
475g fresh milk
200g raspberry purée
450g vegetable shortening

Making the Mooncake Skin  
1    Add sugar, rice flour and snowskin powder, then mix evenly.
2    Pour in fresh milk and raspberry purée slowly while mixing.
3    Add vegetable shortening and continue mixing.
4    Portion the dough according to mould size.

Filling Ingredients  
238g whipping cream
350g raspberry purée
28g lime purée
28g glucose syrup
196g egg yolk
84g sugar
686g Callebaut ruby chocolate/white chocolate
35g butter (room temperature)
19.6g gelatin
40 fresh raspberries

Making the Fillings
1    Soak gelatin in cold water till soft and set aside.
2    Set Callebaut ruby chocolate/white chocolate aside in a large mixing bowl.
3    In a bowl, mix cream and egg yolk well together. Set aside.
4    Heat raspberry purée, lime purée, glucose syrup and sugar in pot on low heat till 65˚C (you should still be able to touch the pot with bare hands).
5    Pour in cream and egg yolk mixture from Step 3.
6    Continuously stir and cook the mixture till thickened. Heat till 80 to 85˚C, then remove pot from stove immediately and transfer its contents into the large mixing bowl with the chocolate.
7    Drain water from gelatin. Add gelatin and butter into the mixing bowl.
8    Mix all ingredients together with a spatula or hand blender continuously for one minute to form a paste-like consistency.
9    Transfer filling into a piping bag and half-fill the mooncake mould. Add 2 fresh raspberries then pipe more filling to cover them. Each mooncake should have 80g of filling.
10    Chill for 5 to 6 hours overnight.

1    Defrost filling slightly before portioning.
2    Flatten mooncake dough into a flat disc to wrap up a portion of filling. Roll into a ball.
3    Lightly dust ball and mooncake mould with rice flour before pressing into mould. Knock mould on each side to unmould mooncake.
4    Chill before serving.