Purple Sweet Potato Buns

150g water, mixed with 3g instant dry yeast
285g bun flour (bao flour)
15g purple sweet potato powder
1g sea salt
30g fine sugar
6g vegetable oil

Purple Dust Ingredients (mixed well)
3g red yeast rice powder
7g purple sweet potato powder

1    Add yeast solution to the other ingredients and mix well. Knead into a slightly smooth dough.
2    Round dough to place in steel bowl. Cover in cling film to rest for 5 minutes before portioning into eight.
3    Flatten a portion with hand, pressing inward with your wrist at least 10 times. Flip to check if surface is smooth and shiny before rounding and wrapping with cling film.
4    Knead dough balls one by one into a sweet potato shape to coat with the purple dust.
5    Transfer to steamer basket. Poke a few holes with bamboo skewer then ferment for 20 to 25 minutes till size increases 1.5 times (should not be more than twice).
6    Bring water to boil at high heat and steam for 15 minutes. Leave lid ajar for 5 minutes to let off some steam. Serve hot.