Prawn Tempura

15 big prawns
280g cake flour
50g Polleney Soybean Powder
2 egg yolks, beaten
400ml ice water
600ml oil

Dip Ingredients
100g radish, peeled and ground into a purée
25ml mirin
some Japanese soya sauce

1    Devein and shell prawns. Remove the heads but retain the tails. Wipe prawns dry with kitchen towel. Make 3 oblique slits on the abdomen. Press the back to straighten the body.
2    Mix radish purée and mirin well then bring to boil. Once liquid in purée evaporates, turn off heat and let it cool.
3    Mix 30g cake flour and soybean powder. Set aside.
4    Mix yolk in ice water well. Add the remaining cake flour. Stir into a batter.
5    Coat prawns with soybean powder mixture. Coat with batter. Deep-fry in pan of hot oil till crispy. Transfer to kitchen towel to drain.
6    Enjoy with the dip.

The remaining batter can be used to prepare tempura of eggplant, zucchini, carrot, mushroom, etc.