Pandan Jelly with Peach

1 stalk pandan leaf
100g rock sugar
30g konnyaku jelly powder
10g osmanthus flowers
some peaches (from can), sliced
1 litre water

1   Wash pandan leaf, then tie into a knot to put in a pot. Pour in water to cook for 20 minutes till water turns green. Spoon out 200ml to set aside. Remove pandan leaf from pot.
2   Add rock sugar into pot to cook till dissolved. Dissolve konnyaku jelly powder in adequate water before pouring into pot to boil. Set aside half of the solution into a container to cool before refrigerating.
3   Mix the osmanthus flowers with the remaining solution. Set aside to cool before refrigerating. Once firm, cut into cubes.
4   Pour the 200ml pandan water (from Step 1) into a bowl. Scoop pandan jelly (from Step 2) into bowl, followed by the osmanthus pandan jelly. Lastly, add peach slices before serving.

1   Lemongrass can be used in place of pandan leaf.
2   To test how well the jelly can be formed, scoop out a bit of the boiled konnyaku solution and blow to cool it. If it does not solidify easily, add more konnyaku powder.
3   Not advisable to be consumed by toddlers three and below.