Lobster-licious delights!

Australia’s western rock lobsters are prized for its firm, sweet, creamy and rich flesh. Diners at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant (万豪轩) can now savour it steamed with black garlic and egg white, sautéed with foie gras sauce and asparagus or simply wok-fried with onion to enjoy more of the natural flavours of this single-species lobster.

Other lobster delicacies use local lobsters that see them braised and served with sea urchin sauce and rice. Click here for the full menu and pricing.

The crustacean is also available as dim sum such as deep-fried lobster vermicelli rolls, steamed lobster with sea urchin dumplings, and lobster rice rolls. The special menu is available till end of October.

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant
320 Orchard Road
Level 3 Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel
Tel: 6831 4605
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