Japanese curry with Mala (麻辣)

Fans of Japanese-style curry who also enjoy Mala (麻辣) flavours can now have the best of both worlds with Monster Curry’s Chinatown Point outlet offering three dishes that fuse the numbing sauce with its signature Japanese curry that is made with 14 ingredients and slow-cooked for two days.

Our pick is its Crispy Soft Shell Crab Mala Pasta ($16.80) where the al dente spaghetti is tossed with house-made Mala sauce and topped with deep-fried crab, which should be a delight with seafood lovers.

Crispy Soft Shell Crab Mala Pasta.

To relish that extra numbing sensation in their dish, Mala fiends can choose their desired spice level for the Pork Katsu Mala Curry Rice ($13.80). But we recommend the lowest level so that you can still savour the different spices in the sauce and not leave with burning lips.

Completing the Mala offering is the Tori Karaage Mala Curry Pizza ($9.80) with juicy Japanese-style fried chicken decking the eight-inch pizza.

Monster Curry
133 New Bridge Road, #02-45 Chinatown Point
Tel: 6223 2133

Tori Karaage Mala Curry Pizza.