Explore unique whiskies from around the world

Whisky lovers subscribing to new online whisky bottle subscription service Heart & Spirits will receive an interesting bottle of whisky each month that comes complete with expert instruction on the art of whisky tasting, tasting notes, and information on the history, production and people behind the bottle. Expect fascinating whisky experiences featuring single malts and blends from surprising regions including France, India, Australia, New Zealand as well as the more established Scotland, Ireland, Japan and the United States.

Subscribers can choose from its Journeyman subscription at $222 per month offering obscure releases or its Master package ($555 per month) featuring some of the rarest whisky released in Singapore, including some of the world’s iconic releases.

The team behind Heart & Spirits is led by Chris Chambers, former Master of Spirits at Atlas, and Matthew Fergusson-Stewart, managing director of SPUN Spirits.