Emma’s First Overseas Outpost Opens Here!

Popular Japanese soft serve and speciality tea shop Emma, which sees snaking queues that last for hours at its seven outlets in Japan, has opened its first-ever overseas outpost in Singapore!

Famous for its firm soft serve that can be held upside down without it falling off to the ground, Emma is launching the Boba Taco Softie ($6.80; pictured at bottom of article) — a charcoal cheese soft serve presented on a thin house-made taco-shaped wafer shell topped with crushed nuts and pearls made with a combination of Okinawan brown sugar and kuromitsu (黒蜜; Japanese black sugar syrup), upping the ante in the recent bubble tea trend of using brown sugar pearls. Boba fans can better enjoy these chewy brown sugar pearls layered atop Emma’s signature soft serve in cups of Brown Sugar Bubble Soft ($5.80; pictured above), which can be powdered with kinako (黄粉; roasted soya bean flour) to lend a nutty flavour. Other topping choices include caramel and matcha.

This taco-wafer dessert is available exclusively for the Singapore outlet. So is the charcoal cheese soft serve ($5.50) in charcoal cone that is specially imported from Japan. Its playful contrast of sweetness and savouriness should make it a crowd favourite.

Our pick is this Charcoal Cheese In Charcoal Cone ($5.50) — an exclusive flavour from Emma in Singapore.

The Emma Soft Milk, Japan’s bestseller liked by many for its rich milky flavour, is available here for $4.80. For 50 cents more, you can have the Emma Soft Milk with dips such as chocolate, strawberry, caramel and matcha (pictured at the top of article).

Opening promotions

  • If your name is Emma, you get 50% off one item for the month of July! Simply show your ID or name card to the service staff prior to ordering.
  • Pre-orders on Klook receive 15% off for any of these three flavours: Emma Soft Milk, Emma Charcoal Cheese Cone and Brown Sugar Kinako Bubble Soft.

68 Orchard Road, #B2-45 Plaza Singapura
Tel: 9019 5007