Delectable shades of pink

A treat for strawberry lovers beckons at BreadTalk as it welcomes spring with nine ‘pink-tone’ delights, which are available till 18 April 2021 at all outlets and also online.

Leading the pink brigade is Party Pink (粉红派对; $44.80) — a pink chiffon cake with layers of raspberry rose coulis and strawberry white chocolate cream crowned with fresh Korean strawberries, blueberries and rosemary.

Fans of Japanese-style soufflé cheesecake should take to the Strawberry Light Cheesecake (草莓轻乳酪; $12.80), which is dressed in pink sakura flowers. They may also fancy the Melon Blush (甜甜瓜; $1.90), a sweet bun with a crispy strawberry crust resembling the surface of a rock melon — a creation inspired by the Japanese Melonpan.

For a taste of salted sakura with red bean paste from Taiwan, bun lovers can try the toothsome Sakura Anpan (樱花红豆宝; $2).

BreadTalk’s bestselling Smart Aleck undergoes a pink makeover to morph into the Strawberry Blush (草莓好小子 ; $2.80) with filling of strawberry custard cream and fresh strawberries.

Completing this Blooming In Pink Collection are the Strawberry Steam Cake (草莓蒸糕; $1.90), Rose Butter Cookie (玫瑰曲奇; $12.80), Strawberry Donut (草莓甜甜圈; $2.30) topped with fresh strawberry and Rolling in Pink (草莓卷卷乐; $8.80), which is a Swiss roll with strawberry jam and butter cream filling.