All hail the crab

This month is a crab galore at Melt Café until Sep 26. The crab-licious moment could begin right from the start with a salad of crab and Granny Smith apple. Or you could head straight for mud crabs and Jonah crabs to be enjoyed with your preferred sauces. Come Fridays and Saturdays, the snow crab joins the repertoire to tempt more taste buds.

From the Asian Delights selection are crabmeat egg drop soup, Kam Heong flower crabs, and crab and otak fried rice, while the European Delights selection includes crab bisque, breaded crab cake with remoulade sauce, and crab and shrimp casserole with green olives. From the tandoor are crab kebabs, and bringing up the heat a notch are the black pepper crab masala and chilli crab omelette. Click here for the full menu.

Sunday to Thursday: $88 per adult (inclusive of free-flowing juices)
Friday and Saturday: $98 per adult (inclusive of free-flowing juices)
Additional $32 per adult for free-flow of red and white wine, beer and soft drinks
Tel: 6885 3500
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