A bite of Japanese spring

Sakura are in bloom in Japan and so are the seasonal bakes from Kamome Bakery (かもめベーカリー), which debuted in Singapore with a takeaway outlet at Paragon in 2019 and now has another outlet in Bukit Timah that seats up to 34.

Its well-loved red bean and butter toast is given a seasonal touch with the addition of sakura bean paste, with its signature topping of a butter slice for that sweet-savoury combo.

The sakura bean paste and red bean paste complement each other in this sakura red bean butter toast ($4.20).

Joining the spring series menu is also the sakura mochi croissant ($7; topmost image) where a strip of mochi blankets the filling of sakura bean paste. A finish of matcha whipped cream and kinako (きな粉; roasted soya bean flour) lends it a dessert-like quality.

The herbaceous aroma of the yomogi mochi bun ($4.20) greets you when you bite into its fluffy dough that has been infused with Japanese mugwort powder. This spring series bun is filled with red bean paste with a layer of stretched mochi for a lovely chew.

The yomogi mochi bun has a nice combo of Japanese mugwort with red bean paste and mochi.

Loaded with matcha crumble, matcha ganache and matcha powder, the matcha ganache toast ($4.50) is sure to appeal to matcha fiends! A garnish of yuzu peel brings a citrusy calm to the matcha overload in this spring series bake.

These seasonal bakes are available till April 14.

Matcha lovers will dig this matcha ganache toast.