Rediscover Singapore Through 15 Cocktails

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Origin Bar


22 Orange Grove Road
Lobby Level, Tower Wing
Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore
Tel: 6213 4595

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ingapore’s five landmark districts — Orchard, Chinatown, Little India, Boat Quay and Marina Bay, are reflected in 15 cocktails at Origin Bar, each featuring the colours, flavours or little-known historical anecdotes of each area. The flavours of Little India are captured perfectly by bar manager Adam Bursik’s concoction of Ma-Sa-La ($24) — a milky underpinnings concealing a punch of masala spices in single malt whisky with gin and lemon. Orchard, once dotted with nutmeg and pepper plantations, is showcased in the vibrant Origin ($24) — a peppery, tropical drink of spiced pineapple, lime wine and gin balanced with sugarcane to create a tasty blend. Paying homage to plantation owner “Hurricane” William Scott, who first brought cocoa to Singapore, is the complex Hurricane Billy ($25) with mace, cocoa, Scotch and salted banana vermouth that lends it a silky finish.

A sip of the slightly bitter Yiban Yiban ($24) brings you to Chinatown, conjuring images of TCM parlours and herbal cures — courtesy of the angelica in a concoction of gin, osmanthus jelly and mandarin orange.

The complex Hurricane Billy ($25) is made up of mace, cocoa, Scotch and salted banana vermouth that lends it a silky finish.

In the old days, Boat Quay was a hive of trade activities that saw a melting pot of cultures and new ingredients. This gave the inspiration for Lear Black ($25), named after the man who travelled on the first commercial flight to Singapore. A twist on the classic Aviation using Jenever, American gin and lavender with a nice balance of citrus, the final taste of this deep blue tipple will also depend on “your performance”.

Marina Bay calls to mind the fireworks and the celebration of National Day parades that make one think of the power of possibilities, prompting Bursik to come up with a few exciting creations under this locale. One that should tickle your fancy is the Daring Pairing ($24) — a dark chocolate-infused spirit with a smudge of tongue-tingling wasabi. Besides getting the waft of dark chocolate from the drink, this unexpected pairing also has a bright touch of sake with a pleasing sweetness from the white chocolate within.

The above-mentioned cocktails are just some highlights of the 15 drinks under the five districts. Teetotalers who are intrigued by these offerings can also embark on this voyage through five specially-made mocktails that celebrate local botany and fruits.

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“Drink because you are happy, but never because you are miserable.” – G.K. Chesterton

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