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The Rubylicious Adventure

8 ruby chocolate creations await the chocoholic


hocoholics who swear by their dark, white or milk chocolates may have another to add to their favourites — the ruby chocolate made from ruby cocoa beans, which have a natural red-pinkish colour.

Made by Barry Callebaut containing minimum 47.3% cocoa solids, the ruby RB1 delivers a bright fruitiness accompanied by sourish notes to spark new ideas for confectionery, pastries and desserts.

From now till end of May, chocolate lovers can taste eight Rubylicious creations ranging from tempura, waffles and cocktails to ice creams and cupcakes. The ticket for this Rubylicious Adventure, organised by FoodXervices Inc, can be purchased at http://foodxervices.com/rubylicious/ for $120. Two tickets cost $220 while four tickets are at a total price of $400.


Pastel Gems from The Dark Gallery.

There are six participating outlets to savour this refreshing chocolate flavour. At Patisserie G (#01-40 Millenia Walk), you can try the Rubyrazz (pictured above) which is a marriage of raspberry ruby mousse and a tangy yuzu curd along with the Bashful which is a ruby chocolate in its purest form all dressed up for Easter.

Not far away at #01-79 is the restaurant Plentyfull where you can indulge in ruby chocolate-infused duck liver parfait on kale and chive waffle (pictured at top of article). As the servings are limited to 15 daily, please call 6493 2997 to enquire its availability.

Heading to The Dark Gallery (#B2-29 Takashimaya Shopping Centre), you can cool down with the Ruby Art comprising its signature 80% dark chocolate ice cream coated with ruby chocolate on a bed of almond crumble and ruby chocolate ganache, decorated with baked meringues, fresh raspberries and edible flowers. The Ruby Art has limited servings daily, please call 6255 0368 to enquire on availability. At the same premise are also the Pastel Gems featuring ruby chocolates with three flavours – Honey Yuzu Crumble, Smoked Oolong Caramel and Raspberry Lime.

The Ruby Art comprises 80% dark chocolate ice cream coated with ruby chocolate and accompanied by almond crumble, ruby chocolate ganache, baked meringues, fresh raspberries and edible flowers.

Cupcake lovers at Lamb Cupcakery (#B2-61 Marina Bay Link Mall) will find the classic red velvet cupcake baked with ruby chocolate chunks, creamy ruby chocolate frosting and ruby chocolate milk crumbs (pictured at bottom of article).

It is a crunchy affair at Tanuki Raw at kapok (#01-05 National Design Centre) when you munch on its Rubykawa (pictured at the top), which are crispy chicken skin tempura coated with ruby chocolate and raspberry.

End your trail on an alcoholic note at Neon Pigeon (1 Keong Saik Road) with a sake-based cocktail with fresh strawberries and whipped cream to complement the infused ruby chocolate. The cocktail is paired with a light ruby chocolate mousse dessert. A minimum one-day advance reservation is required.

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