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PIXY Bar & Cuisine

16 Mohamed Sultan Road
Tel: 9171 7682


he warm seas of Okinawa boast a multitude of seafood, one of which is Mozuku — a unique Okinawan seaweed that has been nourished by the sea’s rich fields of corals. Its unique texture and flavour is also sought after by culinary enthusiasts.

Now, diners at PIXY Bar & Cuisine are able to savour this brown algae atop six shucked Irish oysters ($26) which are dressed with juice of the Shikuwasa, a citrus (also from Okinawa) which is used like lemon as a flavouring for grilled fish, yakiniku, salad and sashimi, as well as for making juices and desserts.

Mozuku sitting atop an Irish oyster with Shikuwasa dressing.

Diners, who cannot get enough of the Mozuku, can also relish it in the form of a butter that accompanies fresh frog legs with garlic leaf pesto in the dish known as the Corn Dog ($24).

At this contemporary Japanese cocktail bar and omakase dining concept offering fusion of Singaporean, Japanese and European cuisines, its special degustation menu also features seafood from Okinawa such as the snapper and blue fusilier. The former is presented as a carpaccio ($27; pictured top left) with coriander and Oriental dressing, while the blue fusilier ($31; pictured top centre) sits atop Okinawa squid ink risotto cooked in bouillabaisse jus with fermented pesto.

To showcase Okinawan produce in his dessert, chef Nitta Shuhei has salted his vanilla ice cream ($18) with Okinawa’s Ishigaki salt. It is also served with Okinawa’s brown sugar and Jimami tofu that has a pudding-like texture with a nutty aroma.

Crowned with Okinawa’s brown sugar, the vanilla ice cream is salted with Ishigaki salt and served alongside Jimami tofu.

PIXY Bar & Cuisine’s special degustation menu is created as part of the Okinawa Menu Fair 2018 organised by the Okinawa Prefecture of Japan and Gurunavi (one of Japan’s leading restaurant search site). From now till March 28, diners can savour Okinawan produce across four other restaurants in Singapore, namely Ristorante LUKA, Kabuke, Kinsa Sushi and O-Ku Japanese Tapas Bar.

More Details on the Okinawan Produce

Mozuku has important health properties because it is a natural source of fucoidan, which has tumour-suppressant and anti-coagulant properties. Fucoidan is a natural sulfated polysaccharide that exists mainly in the cell wall matrix of various species of brown seaweed such as Mozuku, kombu and wakame. It has shown to have anti-cancer activity against various cancer types by targeting key apoptotic molecules. It also can protect against toxicity associated with chemotherapeutic agents and radiation.

In the Okinawan language, Shikuwasa means “eat the sourness”. At Yanbaru, an area famous for the production of Shikuwasa in the northern part of Okinawa, the inhabitants there are known for their extraordinary longevity, which could be attributed to the nobiletin present in this Okinawan citrus.

Okinawan brown sugar is produced from sugarcane grown in sun-soaked fields enriched with corals. With the subtropical climate and ocean spray carrying minerals to the fertile fields, the brown sugar that results has a richer flavour with a high iron and calcium content.

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