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il Cielo

581 Orchard Road
Level 24 Hilton Singapore
Tel: 6730 3395


rom now till the end of April, diners at this rooftop Italian restaurant can taste the flavours of spring intricately handcrafted by chef Yohhei Sasaki.
Exclusively flown in from Japan and Italy, the seasonal produce from Japan include Hokkaido Asari clams, fresh bamboo shoots, mountain vegetables and the Amadai fish from Kyoto, while Italian imports see shaved black truffles, white asparagus and cured Culatello ham.

See how chef Sasaki put together these gourmet ingredients in dishes such as his Vongole Bianco ($32; top left) of marinated Asari clams with Baerii caviar, and his tortellini ($28) stuffed with bamboo shoot ragout and truffle paste that is all so delectable with a robust Japanese-style chicken broth along with shavings of black truffle.

The pan-fried Amadai fish with Japanese spring cabbage purée and fresh lily bulb.

Diners who fancy the white asparagus and Cutatello ham can go for the chef’s deconstructed carbonara ($38) where the ingredients are alongside the defining sauce presented as an espuma. But a must-try is definitely the pan-fried Amadai fish ($56) with Japanese spring cabbage purée and fresh lily bulb. The deep-fried fish scales, lying atop the fish as crispy crumbles, add a delicious crunch to the dish. The Amadai is an expensive fish and is a chefs’ favourite in kaiseki in Kyoto.

For a complete indulgence, these spring specialities and more can also be enjoyed at $138 in a six-course degustation menu.

The deconstructed carbonara with its sauce presented as an espuma.

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“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.” – Luciano Pavarotti