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Special Event

The 10 Grand Movie Marathon Night

Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel – Grand Ballroom
392 Havelock Road


chance to win a wedding banquet package worth $10,000 at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel awaits the lucky couple who signs up for a four-movie marathon at $30 per couple.

The event, a collaboration between Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel and Singapore River One, features four specially selected movies that include Me Before You, Ready Player One, Bride Wars and Isle of Dogs.

Lovebirds looking to have a sumptuous dinner before the marathon will have a better deal at $170 per couple which includes a buffet dinner at Food Capital. Priced usually at $84 per person, couple can begin their date night by indulging in a buffet spread of tantalising seafood on ice, assorted tempura, oven-baked strip loin, tandoori meats, fresh naan and tempting desserts, among many other gourmet treats.

After the meal, couples can adjourn to the Grand Ballroom where they can plonk themselves down on comfortable bean bags to begin their movie marathon. Set in a romantic ambience of a landscaped garden with a gazebo, the ballroom also has booths where vendors provide services such as bridal photography and decorations.

Get your tickets at: www.singapore-river.com/10gmm

Programme at a glance

August 31, 6pm: Registration for “Movie + Buffet” ticket holders
7pm: Buffet dinner at Food Capital
9pm: Registration for movie ticket holders
10pm: Start of movie marathon
September 1, 7am: End of movie marathon followed by grand lucky draw

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