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Gourmet Living

Founded in 2005 and published in Singapore, Gourmet Living (食尚品味) is a bimonthly bilingual (English and Mandarin) food magazine dedicated to food reviews, recipes and the finer things in life. It  comprises original content written and designed by our editorial staff along with material contributed by seasoned food editors and renowned food consultants.

Exciting house features include restaurant reviews, recipe spreads, food culture write-ups, reviews  on popular travel destinations worldwide, and celebrated chef profiles in which the chefs reveal their cooking secrets and share their favourite recipes. In every way, Gourmet Living serves up a cornucopia to indulge those with a passion for food and keeps them coming back for more.

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Readers will also find the magazine packed with nutrition/health tips, local and overseas food haunts, kitchenware showcase, culinary tips and highlights of cooking/wine workshops – an informative publication that is also perfect for promoting anything and everything related to food, drinks, the home, kitchen and family.

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酒品 Wine Living

Wine Living is unique and a must-read for all wine lovers as it features wine in its totality. It takes readers through a wine journey, from its budding source in the grapevines to wine as an ingredients or embellishment in exotic cuisines, traditional fares, sweet delights, frozen treats and life essence, or as an inspiration in art and books across terrains and even on the worldwide web. It is an informative read which is conceptualised to fulfil an intrinsic need – people who are intimated by wines’s haughty image and prefer to know more about them via a light-hearted take.

Readers of Wine Living will be led to look at a wine bottle in creative perspectives, instead of the typical stuffy wine reads. Wine has always been enshrined on the pedestal. What Wine Living does is to bring the once strait-laced tipple to the layman, making it more approachable and interesting to wider audiences, while ensuring its authenticity among connoisseurs. At Wine Living, wine is a celebrated item that is enjoyed and appreciated in all its sophistication and versatility.

Contract Publishing

We began life as the publisher of Gourmet Living and have evolved over the course of 10 years to produce cookbooks, reports, newsletters and marketing collateral for corporates, organisations and the not-for-profit sector. Our extensive client base exemplifies our capability to respond to different communications challenges with flexibility, creativity and panache, often at short notice.

We pride ourselves on our precision, creativity and passion. We aim to amaze our clients – after all, their names and brands are on all the material we produce.

While most of our work is carried out in-house by our team of journalists, graphic designer and illustrator, we are supported by a network of freelancers – writers, photographers, videographers, – so we can always assemble the right team for the job.

Aside from being at the forefront in the publishing industry, we are also proficient in other aspects, such as organising events. Over the years, we have staged countless successful events, both big and small scaled including gourmet holidays, seminars and interactive cooking workshops for US Potato Board, umisushi, and more.

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